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Spring 2023
TNT Theatre

                           THE WAVE
                         OLIVER TWIST

                     ROMEO AND JULIET


  HAMLET  The greatest play ever written, the key work of Shakespeare that defined humanity as the centre of the universe rather than gods or demons, where individual conscience surpasses scripture and where  "there is nothing either good nor bad but thinking makes it so". 

TNT's production has been seen around the world for twenty years and returns with many of its original cast, who have swapped roles as they mature with the production. This is dynamic physical theatre directed by multi- award winning artist Paul Stebbings, with a vibrant score composed by Thomas Johnson - sung and played by the cast. 

"The finest Hamlet I have seen in thirty years as a critic" International Theatre Institute magazine.

The production tours to Germany, Switzerland and Denmark from January to   late March 2023.

THE WAVE returns by popular demand. A  spontaneous tour after the powerful impact of the production in 2021/22. This is a documentary drama based on events in a Californian High School where a well meaning teacher tries to explain how fascism arises in a democracy by starting a  movement in modelled on  the Hitler Youth.  The movement is called The Wave and takes off like a wild fire. Disaster  is only averted by the bravery of a female student. The production tours to Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

OLIVER TWIST continues its tour into 2023. This is TNT's most performed production. A roller coaster ride of tragedy and comedy, a grotesque exploration of Dickens' central theme of the relationship between poverty and crime. The powerful drama is set on the gallows as Fagin (as in the original) awaits execution. His  life and fate is  explored in flashback.  Thomas Johnson's haunting and vibrant score is sung a capella by the cast. 

The tour goes to France (most cities), Italy and the balkans and may even extend to Egypt and the Gulf in May. 

CROOKED LETTER CROOKED LETTER is a modern thriller based on the award winning novel by Tom Franklin which explores themes of race and gender through the medium of a gripping murder story set in modern Mississippi. The crooked letters are the S that must be repeated twice to spell the name of the state which has become synonymous with the racial divide  in the US of A. Adrian Decosta returns to the role of the downtrodden policeman, Silas Jones. The production tours southern Germany performing in major theatres. 

ROMEO & JULIET will be produced with two different casts, reviving TNT's Baroque production, one seen by more people  in more countries than any other  touring version of the play this century. The first cast wlil tour to Latin America from northern Mexico to southern Chile. The second cast will embark on the epic 2023 castle and palace tour which is the largest outdoor undertaking of its kind, performing from May until October 2023 in western and northern Europe including the UK.

 Tour schedules for all these productions can be obtained from the producer Grantly Marshall on:

and from the ADGE website: 

                                              "World class theatre" The Observer UK    

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