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What we aim for is best described in this review of our work:

"Epic and ambitious work which stretches musicians and actors alike. TNT's complex structures and multi-layered symbolism often make great demands on the audience too; for while the company acknowledge the bland expectations of a television saturated audience they make no intellectual or artistic allowances for it.

They are always entertaining and, far from isolating themselves in obscure elitism, they connect with their audience in a most intimate and sensitive manner."     The Guardian

Phil Smith, TNT Dramaturg, adds:

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From its beginning in 1980 in small scale touring theatre in the UK to its present day touring globally to theatres great and small, TNT has been committed to combining the popular with the experimental.


Whether in newly devised productions like ‘My Sister Syria’, adaptations like ‘Frankenstein’ or performances of Shakespeare, TNT continues to give equal importance to the visual and the physical as to the literary, honours the audience as a fellow maker in the drama.

About our producer Grantly Marshall ADGE

The American Drama Group Europe was formed by Ohio native Grantly Marshall in 1978 in the city of Munich. it was linked in the beginning to the University of Munich where the first performances were held. It expanded quickly to other theatres in Munich and also began to give guest performances in other German cities. The expansion was continued to include many countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America. 

The goal of the American Drama Group Europe is to perform high quality theatre in as many countries in the world as possible. 


In 1994, the ADGE began touring European Castles  and palaces. This soon became a unique event, spanning the continent and taking in some 50 castles and palaces from Southern France to northern Norway, from the Isle of Man to Austria; making this the largest open air theatre tour in Europe.  The company has also promoted theatre in French from its early days.

TNT began collaborating with ADGE in 1993 and Paul Stebbings is artistic director of both organisations.

Through Grantly's energy and determination our company has become a global phenomenon

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