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a statement by the Artistic Director of the American Drama Group Europe

 and TNT (The New Theatre) Britain Paul Stebbings

Our aim is:

To produce dynamic physical theatre that concentrates on the resources and abilities of the actor

To produce theatre that integrates the disciplines of music, choreography and drama

To produce theatre  that cannot be placed in any one category because it can be performed to almost any type of audience in almost any type of venue, or even create venues and audiences of its own

To produce theatre that rejects television inspired realism and the simplicities of Hollywood in favour of  a drama  that challenges the imagination of the audience

To produce theatre that is essentially 'live' , where technology only exists to serve the vital connection between audience and stage

To challenge hallowed texts, fixed notions of what theatre should or should not be or where theatre can or cannot be played

To be difficult and enjoyable, unpredictable and exciting, to sweat for our audience

To abolish the distinction between art, education and entertainment

To create “tragedy with a smile on its lips.”   (Meyerhold)

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