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Free Mandela
original script by Paul Stebbings and Phil Smith
directed by Paul Stebbings

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Free Mandela: TNT & ADG Europe performs the story of a couple,  the struggle of the country and  the destructive force of racism .


Theatre that gets under your skin


Impressive: ”Free Mandela" 

Nelson Madiba Mandela (Sobowale Bamgbose) and Winnie Mandela (Anne Marie Anang)

Schweinfurter Tagblatt 07. März 2020, Susanne Wiedemann





After this performance you don't go out of the theatre carrying  light luggage home. ”Free Mandela ", is an impressive  production with a powerful impact. Not just because you wonder how it could be that white South Africa believed they were the crown of the Creation, who could afford to do anything they wished. While the people, the ones with darker skin tones, were little better than slaves.  South Africa's strict system of racial segregation, Apartheid, only ended in 1994. Truly, the piece (in English Language) follows you out of the theatre because racism is a living reality in too many corners of the World.

That gives “Free Mandela " a special impact.


Author and director Paul Stebbings tells the story two Mandelas: Nelson Madiba and his wife Winnie. It is not about hero worship or transfiguration to modern Sainthood. It's about the question what price someone is willing to pay, personally and morally.

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