To tour or not to tour... HAMLET...  from June till September 2021

TNT's HAMLET has been seen across the world, from Tokyo to London and Costa Rica to Denmark. This revived and expanded production aims for the core of what might be the finest play ever penned. Director Paul Stebbings  places Shakespeare's concern for conscience at the centre of this powerful and exciting dramatisation, which includes a live musical score from Thomas Johnson

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meet the Hamlet cast 2021 

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The most exciting and revealing recent production of what many consider Shakespeare’s greatest play, Theatre World Magazine,


press quotes

Seven actors – one masterpiece. TNT theatre succeeded last night in the tragedy “Hamlet” with only a few props to guide the audience to the essence of the play.

“To be or not to be” – they had been waiting for this line. The audience, were proverbially hanging on Hamlet’s, lips. On one hand to be able to follow the Renaissance-English, on the other, to experience closely the drama, Hamlet’s pain….. And while the gravedigger goes about his work, the applause rings through the rows from the first to the last.  BADISCHE ZEITUNG   Germany

The acting is simply fantastic…..Hamlet is a mystery or several. He is played with intense energy by Martin Christopher in a long black leather coat. With his dark hair, pale eyes and high forehead he looks like a tortured Edgar Allen Poe before the cracked walls of Oslo’s royal castle. DAGBLATT Norway (largest circulation paper)


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All in all, the whole troupe under Paul Stebbings offered a treat of acting and direction, showing again why Shakespeare hasn’t lost his charm even in the 21st century: 



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You can find out more about the director's approach in the free film video blog: